And what a smokin' hot offer this is!!

This awesome parcel contains 1 x pack of 4 hot smoked salmon steaks, 1 x 200g of our Gin & Vodka cured Dill Gravadlax , 1 x 200g of cold smoked trout - and 1 x 200g of Marrbury Traditional Smoked Salmon.ALL of this for £45 !!


What is not to love!!If you are one of the many who will only buy wild - and have never tasted our "traditional" Marrbury - then this is your chance to dip your toes in the water and give it a try.


Hand cured in dry salt,  smoked in small batches by Vincent - we know our traditional salmon is absolutely amazing.

Sourced from the fast flowing rivers of the North Atlantic - our superior grade, low oil salmon are smoked to perfect by the master himself