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You do the carving - you save the ££s

By choosing to carve your salmon yourself at home, not only are you indulging in the art of salmon slicing, but you are saving yourself a pretty penny!

Over the last few years, we have found this becoming ever more popular with many of you honing in on your masterchef skills. 

So much so, we recognise, less work for us (and bear in mind Vincent carves every slice by hand by himself) means lower costs -  the savings of which,  we pass on to you. 

So, despite everything else going up in price - we are currently offering 1.3kg unsliced sides of our amazing smoked salmon at 2019's prices. 

It will come vacuum packed in two sections  - one for now, one for later ( can be frozen of course)

How to slice

Watch this space - 

Vincent has promised us a carving lesson which we will post right here  

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