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Art by Ruby Marr


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It might surprise many to know that "Marrbury Smokehouse" came after "Marrbury Illustrations"! Many years ago, Ruby had a small illustrations business and indeed was a calligrapher to trade, when she and Vincent chose to open the legend of Marrbury Smokehouse.  Marrbury being the anagram of "Ruby" & "Marr".

As the smokehouse very quickly rollercoasted, Ruby set aside her brushes and pens, but vowed one day, to return to the passion in her life, her art.

Ruby spends much of her time producing incredible works of her specialty "Ocean art" and her work is being delivered all over the world.

Ruby has a zero waste policy, so when left with excess materials, Ruby creates beautiful trinkets and gifts which can be purchased from Carsluith.


To find out more about Ruby's art, check out her website.

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