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Out with the old and in with the new!


We are thrilled to have now opened our fantastic refurbished facility at Carsluith Castle.

Our smokehouse deli is as wonderful as ever, indeed we now have more time to offer you tasters, and to talk to you about Marrbury and what we have to offer our visitors. 

We are aware that  yes, some of our former features may be missed by some, but having studied our turnover and customer requests, we realised that in today's economy we had to move with the times and provide a young and vibrant facility, which would showcase all we have to be proud of.

Firstly, "out with the old"  - fried foods and our hot foods  - sorry friends

- are now a thing of the past.

We got our thinking caps on, and have, after much thought and consideration, for a great number of reasons, changed our former bistro/café into a super Eco Friendly "Snack Shack"

and also a fabulous "Arts & Crafts Gallery".

So what's new?

From now on, you can visit us,  get a fresh bean to cup coffee at the touch of a button.  Our amazing new machine, serves fresh bean to cup Caffia Coffee, premium brand teas and now there is no "long queue". The single most complained about item in +20 years, has been the wait it can take for "Barrista" style  hot drinks. We have not compromised on flavour, indeed, we have spent months tasting and experimenting, and have gone with  our favoured brand  "Caffia". 

Not only is it super fast - it is served in a fully compostable "Biopac Art Series"  cup, lid and sleeve and, if you need a hot drink tray for your car, that too is compostable!

All of our snack shack foods are now prepared daily by our team, heat sealed and ready for you to select to either snack shack in, or enjoy outdoors in our beautiful castle garden picnic tables (Please note our outdoor tables are strictly for use for the consumption of food & drinks purchased from us only.)

Our snack shack stool area, has USB charging stations,we offer free wifi to our patrons.  It is a super stop off on the A75 - don't hesitate to bring in your phones/tablets for recharging - we are happy to help!

The snacks? Well, we have taken all of your favourite foods, and added so much more!

Sandwiches, Wraps filled with tasty favourites such as Hot Smoked Salmon with Tarragon & Lime or  a tasty Pasta or salad Pot with smoked chicken? We have flavour filled  Gluten Free options and new for 2019 we have our superb "sMushi".

"sMushi" is our take on traditional sushi. The difference is, instead of using raw fish/meats, we are using smokehouse favourites.

It is already proving SO very popular - a real keeper !

Our "SnackShack" foods are not only great for enjoying on our premises, but for an evening at home why not pick up a selection - Having a drinks party? You will find it so easy to come in and select some goodies to enjoy at home or in your holiday cottage/caravan.

Wherever possible we are using compostable, and then recyclable. As new products become available to us, it is our policy now to introduce them one by one, to encourage and promote an Eco Friendly Snack Shack environment.

You will be pleased to know our specialty "Lemon & White Chocolate Cheesecake remains, we well as daily bakes such as scones & traybakes.

What's not to love! 

sMuchi .jpg

Arts & Crafts Gallery

It might surprise many to know that "Marrbury Smokehouse" came after "Marrbury Illustrations"! Many years ago, Ruby had a small illustrations business and indeed was a calligrapher to trade, when she and Vincent chose to open the legend of Marrbury Smokehouse.  Marrbury being the anagram of "Ruby" & "Marr".

As the smokehouse very quickly rollercoasted, Ruby set aside her brushes and pens, but vowed one day, to return to the passion in her life, her art.

Now, Ruby spends much of her time producing incredible works of her specialty "Ocean art" and her work is being delivered all over the world.

In the coming months, the plan is for the gallery to showcase many different artists and their works. As a tourism business which remains open around 49 weeks of the year, we feel this is a super addition to our lovely facility, and welcome visitors to browse the gallery. 

The gallery has a small seating area in which one can enjoy their snack & drink, the beautiful art, and look out on to the Castle gardens.

To find out more about Ruby's art, check out her website.

Closed from 24/12/2020 until further notice.