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Ruby's recipes
for Marrbury Trimmings


"Making a smoked salmon pate is so versatile and can be used to create fantastic easy snacks and appetisers. Keep a stock of trimmings in your freezer and you will always have a tasty treat at hand.

Use the pate mix for canapes, serve with little focaccia toasts, or make my easy cheesecakes. 

For the cheesecake you can add layers with for example our smoked trout, or a combination of hot and cold smoked salmon. 

Cheesecakes keep well - make in advance so they are ready to serve simply requiring the garnish


Ruby Marr

Two easy recipes for using up Marrbury smoked salmon trimmings.


Ruby’s easypeasy pate:

2 x 100g Marrbury smoked salmon trimmings

1 x lemon (grated rind and juice)

Sprinkle black pepper

Heaped tablespoon of dill (for longer shelf life use dried)

400g Philadelphia cream cheese

Method – roughly chop trims then add to a blender to whizz (you can use a processor or indeed a hand blender for this)

Add all of the remaining ingredients and blend. If you want a smoother pate add in a little cream – I use Elmlea for longer shelf life.


Ruby’s Marrbury Smoked Salmon Cheesecake

Make smoked salmon pate as per pate recipe.

100g Marrbury smoked salmon – cut two “ribbons”

of salmon per cheesecake.


Rough Oatcakes

Lemon and dill to garnish;

Using plastic cake rings (I cut up plumbers pipe for moulds) – You want about a depth of 3 inch.

Smash oatcakes and blend to a soft crumble. Add in warmed butter.

Press oatcakes crumble into your moulds – around half an inch depth

Allow to firm in fridge.

Pipe in smoked salmon pate in circular motion to required depth.

Garnish with a rose of smoked salmon made by rolling little strips of Marrbury to form rose shape.

Store in fridge until ready to serve –

To serve add garnish of lemon and dill.

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