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Delivering from our home to yours

Hello friends of Marrbury


2023 - Life is good here in the wilds of Bonnie Galloway.

We are really enjoying life - Although we are still very much in production, we no longer have the ties of a retail shop, and are so grateful to finally find a balance in life.

Vincent continues to smoke for Gleneagles and our other selected clients - Ruby is enjoying life in her art studio - her work goes from strength to strength - She is currently working on being able to offer printed canvases whilst her originals sell globally in prestigious galleries.

During 2023, we will be offering seasonal specials - please do subscribe to our emails so you do not miss them.

We cannot take any orders by phone,  produce is available only by our online service on the dates shown at checkout.

Our new found freedom does mean we have time now to spend with our family - but we are not retiring just yet, so hope to be offering our UK home delivery service for quite some years to come.

Thank you for your continued support!

All the best

Vincent and Ruby


Ruby and Vincent 2019.jpg
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