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April offer

The demand for the Easter offer was amazing - thank you for ordering and for supporting us, we very much appreciate your custom. 

Again, in April we are going to do another "single batch" at a great price.
We are repeating our March offer ..

And - wait for it! We are also including an amazing 1.3kg side of HOT SMOKED SALMON split in two!
Absolutely everyone loves our hot smoked salmon - chunk it up, make baked potato fillings with it - Try an old favourite of ours by mixing it with Tarragon & Lime in Mayo - delicious!

So for April! 
Marrbury Smoked Salmon - a whole side hand carved and split into two vacuum packs - normally £59.95 - we are doing this for an amazing £48.00

Buy here

Marrbury smoked salmon - a huge 1.3KG side unsliced - split into two vacuum packs - normally £63 - you can buy this now for an incredible price of £50
Buy here

Or Marrbury HOT SMOKED SALMON SIDE - A huge 1.3kg side unsliced,  split into two vac packs - same price as our traditional smoked salmon  - £50!
Order here 

What are you waiting for? Order now as we are limiting the supply!


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