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Festive deliveries for 2023

We now have options for you for Festive 2023
We will release produce by delivery date - prices will increase the closer it becomes to the festive season.
There will be limited availability of our wild smoked salmon - It is on a first come first served basis. We only release stocks of wild as we smoke them. We have rough ideas of how many packs we will get, but until a fish is filleted, cured and smoked we do not have precise numbers. Therefore we release stock as we produce. 
Please note you cannot place an order for dates nearer to Christmas at the prices you see live. In order to cope with both admin and production, we need to spread the workload. Hence why prices are lower the sooner you take them. Our foods carry long shelf life and freeze exceptionally.

We will release dates as we proceed in production. 
This is not "A
mazon". We are not a huge team. Its hard to believe but it is still just us who do everything. We do manage to get help from the lovely Hannah who is in fact 6000 miles away - but helps us with admin remotely. This is as hand produced as it gets! 
Keep an eye on our website - and on your email
We will update you as we go!
All the best
Ruby & Vincent.


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