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Personally produced by Vincent Marr

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NOTE - WILD SMOKED SALMON - Our wild smoked salmon is in limited stock -  It is "Gold dust" this year, and genuine wild smoked scottish salmon is in very short supply - Our  prices is still exceptional value -

We are one of the very few traditional Net & Coble Salmon Fishermen teams left - and during our fishing season, we catch, tag and kill. We freeze our salmon fresh whole off the tide, and smoked to order.

The Marr Family - Salmon Fishermen since 1890 and to this day, Vincent and his wife Ruby still fish the River Cree.


Since 1996, award winning fisherman Vincent Marr has been producing for Michelin starred chefs, royalty, celebrities & movie stars.  To this very day, Vincent still hand produces every single item of food which goes out of his smokery, set amidst the Galloway Hills. 

His smokehouse itself is not open to the public. It is his private space, where he prefers to work alone, to maintain a consistency of product which meets the demands of elite hotel restaurants such as The Gleneagles Hotel and Michelin Starred Chefs


Now we have semi retired - we no longer operate our visitor shop, and at the moment you can only purchase direct from us via this online website.  We do not take phone orders - everything must be placed online.

Unlike many mass produced smokehouses Marrbury does not pre freeze, instead, even during December, Vincent works tirelessly through the wee sma' hours, to ensure every order is fulfilled.

The day of course may come when Vincent passes his business & it's secrets on, but meanwhile, full retirement is quite some years off so Marrbury is still very much on the  menu. 

People ask "Why is it so different?" "How come Marrbury smoked salmon has its truly unique flavour?" "Is it because Vincent smokes his salmon over old whisky oak barrel shavings & juniper berries?"... The truth? All of this and so much more. Above all, it is Vincent's personal attention to his kilns, his awareness of the weather, the draw of the flue, how salt will cure differently according to humidity.. there are numerous elements which affect his process. It is not HOW - it is simply WHO.

Vincent's pride, his passion for his craft, and his lifetime's experience of being a "Net & Coble" salmon fisherman - these are the true ingredients which makes Marrbury so magical. 

Available for you at home - You can order securely online. You can order online to collect from us - but notice must be given and we will email you to arrange a mutual convenient date and time.

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