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In the words of the late great 2 Michellin starred chef Andrew Fairlie "It's the best smoked salmon in the world"

We bring you our wild smoked salmon. 

The Marr family have been "Net & Coble" salmon fishermen since 1890. To this day Vincent and his wife Ruby still wade through the muddy quick sands to land beautiful wild salmon. 

We have often had TV crews film our fishings, watch out for us on programmes such as Countrywise Kitchen :) 

You can view us fishing on Channel 4's "La Dolce Vito" Episode 5 (still on youtube)

Our wild smoked salmon is cured in traditional dry salt and smoked over whisky cask chippings & juniper berries. 

It is in short supply, so we sell only in hand carved packs - we do not sell whole sides of wild salmon - All wild salmon is subject to a tight stock control and can go out of stock at any moment. 

Suitable for home freezing

Wild Smoked Salmon hand carved D-Cut 200g slice pack

  • Hand Cured, Smoked and Carved personally by Vincent Marr

    Suitable for home freezing

    We do not use auto processing in our smokehouse.

    All foods are produced solely by Vincent Marr.

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